Fashion and the oceans Sustainability has always been front and center at Maakola. Celebrating the beauty of coral reefs, our latest print reminds us why.

The natural flow between body and planet.

With stylized leaves that rise up towards the sun, Heartrise symbolizes our hope for the future of our Earth.

Kofi Annan’s Brain

A vivid print celebrating a dazzling mind.
It might sound like a recipe for blood and gore, but the Kofi Annan’s Brains fabric is actually a beautiful tribute to one of Ghana’s most brilliant statesmen.

The Circle of Life

The modern wax print in our Circle of Life collection is full of energy.

The Speed Bird

This popular print is dotted with colorful ovals, each one containing a determined-looking bird in flight. Variegated lines that run across the background add to the feeling of movement and freedom.

Geometries in Love

Sculptural shapes in a contemporary, clear color palette are your invitation to get creative.

The Rising Sun

Here at Maakola, we have chosen to see the latter. For us, it represents a fresh start; a new beginning. The rising suns symbolize an opportunity to right wrongs and be so much better.

Full Hands

This shimmering print celebrates the life of an inspirational social entrepreneur.


The fabric we chose for our Fire Compass Dress combines the rich cultural heritage of West Africa with deep symbolic overtones from world mythology.

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