About us


“I founded Maakola for the global woman whose fashion choices reflect her actions, values, and lifestyle. What she wears, empowers her. She cares about the relationship between her being, other humans, and the planet. And she takes pride in her personal choices and collective stories.” – Aurora Chiste, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Maakola

Collective Evolution

The spirit of Maakola is one of collectivity and activism. Our vision is to create beautiful products that can build stronger communities, shape culture, and replenish the planet. At the core of our business is collective evolution. We believe that creating change comes from transforming consciousness. With Maakola, we want to lead systemic change starting within the fashion industry, but ultimately impact every sector and aspect touched by the value chain.

The Luxury of Conscious Beauty

We create timeless garments that transcend their shape, they embed hundreds of women’s voices, and are like living organisms kept alive by everyone who touches them, from the designer and tailors to consumers. At the heart of each garment is a commitment to shape beauty through the values that make us feel good. They last for years and their richness lies in the materials, stories, and the contributions of the wearer. Imbued with care, and a very particular understated luxury, we design to make women empowered and choose their position in the world.

Responsible Co-Creation

Each piece is hand crafted and tailored to ensure the perfect fit. We co-create with the artisans and connect them to the global market to help preserve local heritage and craftsmanship. Our clothes are designed to be exceptional; to stand the test of time. Transparency is a cornerstone of our approach. Every piece of the Maakola collection is responsibly and meticulously sourced and produced. Maakola uses blockchain technology to help you track and verify the origin of your clothes. Our goal is to build a resilient circular ecosystem from our materials to the packaging, to your consumption.

A Story of Sustainable Luxury.

We are here to change how fashion works. Our value proposition to you is being part of a different future, one that is inclusive and respectful towards both humanity and nature, one that drives our collective evolution towards conscious beauty. Maakola is sustainable luxury.
We produce limited batches, ensuring respectful and optimal use of all resources. By working directly with you, we strive to achieve a perfect fit and build long-term relationships with you.
Our products are handmade by skilled traditional artisans in Ghana and Italy. Our tailors co-create our clothes. They refine and improve every piece as it evolves from sketch to reality.

Everything we produce is made from natural fibers: cotton, silk, wool, or Tencel. Our designs often feature African prints and indigenous African fabrics known for their vivid colors, supreme quality, and luxurious feel.

From taking the measures to engaging with our tailors, we invite you to actively participate in the process of creating your clothes. All of our clothing is designed to last a lifetime. We invite all customers to join our Wear Me 30 Times initiative inspired by Livia Firth.

We stand against all types of discrimination through our company culture and hiring practices, as well as our imagery, content, and the stories we tell. Our policies are tailored to prevent and correct any misconduct in this regard.

Culture of Care

We want fashion to connect people, and build communities. Clothes tell the stories of people who wear them and the culture they come from. Maakola is here to help these stories come to life. Our pieces connect generations of strong women from all around the world. The culture of care that is instilled in Maakola’s DNA, results in the creation of room for the parts of our world that are hardly measurable and financially not valuable, but that generate more stable societies and structure a new relationship between people and planet. None of this is possible without you. Your choices, statements, and actions are what make Maakola’s story real. Let us write the new story of our culture together, and may fashion ignite this change.
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