“Maakola was born to define beauty through creativity, culture and sustainability. This means building a brand that is transparent about its business practice; a brand that celebrates collective progress, honors talent through the supply chain, and keeps improving its environmental footprint."

Maakola is a made-to-order sustainable fashion brand with a cosmopolitan DNA. We believe that women can look beautiful while standing for the values they believe in — with no compromises. Handmade in Ghana and Italy.


Our innovative model puts sustainability front and center.

Every piece in the Maakola collection is made to order, so that we avoid creating unnecessary waste — we’re not in the business of producing clothes that nobody will wear. We are also committed to working with natural fibers that are both durable and easy to care for (our clothing is made from machine washable cotton to reduce your exposure to dry cleaning chemicals), as well as being easy to recycle. When you order one of these special pieces, you know that you’ll be wearing it for years to come.​


At Maakola we want to show the economic, environmental and cultural changes that are taking place — changes being driven by women around the world.

We are mindful of our responsibilities towards the environment we live in, our friends, daughters, and future generations. We work to make sure that nobody is ever enslaved for the sake of your style. Fully transparent, we work closely with our tailors to produce our pieces ethically so that our customers can consume them consciously. In this way, we hope to generate financial, social, and environmental abundance. We are all in this together, creating a collective mindset that we hope will go on to touch many other industries and lives.


The name Maakola comes from Makola market in Accra, Ghana — the largest market in West Africa.

The Makola saleswomen traded in Dutch Wax Print fabric, giving each pattern a name and a story that wove them into African life and culture. In doing so, they created an entire industry. Since the inception of Maakola, it has been clear to us that we owe our existence to these women from a century ago, and the hundreds of women who followed: to our tailors, to Maakola’s team members and ambassadors, and finally to our customers.

Even if we have nothing else in common, we all deeply share the most important thing: every choice and action we make is a contribution to collective progress.

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