July 2021

Ubuntu, one of Africa’s greatest gifts to the world.   The concept of ubuntu is found in almost all African Bantu languages. It shares its

Flora Collection Coming soon

Two years ago, we made the first sketches for Flora: a new Maakola collection that eliminates the boundaries between our bodies and the natural world.

Threads of freedom

Clothes, like fibers, can build threads that we can wear or we can build. In my TEDx ‘Threads of Freedom’ I shared some of the unpredictable journeys of my garments: journeys that take us from colonial rule to a powerful symbol of African identity; from the women who created the Wax Print industry in West Africa to a performance honoring the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

The right time has come

We patiently waited and worked toward this moment.   We took the time we needed to make sure that every person with whom we work

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