I dream of a day where we see a fashion that doesn’t harm

I dream of a day where fashion is collaborative, and suits our world in a way where digital and physical space are well integrated. 

Nobody knows where fashion will be in thirty years from now, we are only certain of one thing – fashion has for centuries produced a collective value that has been key to our self-expression. Yet today we have more to consider than just that, we are faced with a critical question: 

How will moving to a sustainable approach change our creativity?

Nothing can be birthed while remaining divided from relationships in isolation, and in the same way, clothing creates interconnectedness between us as people. The links between the heritage of the fabrics we use, the artisans who work with them, and the people who wear them – enable us to create an individualistic silhouette, crafted to each person. It is my strong belief that in time, we will be able to strengthen these bonds in order to build solid communities that will in turn not just challenge, but change the current status quo towards a better future. 

The Metaverse

Welcome. Conscious. Fashion.

I believe that we need to give fashion a consciousness of its own, that spans globally. I want to be at the forefront of this transformational movement where we can prioritize creativity over production, by utilising the Metaverse as the perfect housing solution for virtual experiences and digital wardrobes.

My aim is to create a rational harmony through people’s interactions with fabrics, new cultures, and other people’s viewpoints. One that fosters the growth of both the consumer and the communities where the garments are made. In this way consumers are invited to participate in the collective formulation of fashion, rather than preserving an outdated, obsolete system. Digital wardrobes, artistic content, and cultural exploration will guide each one through the journey of finding their own unique style and self-expression. 

Simply put, we need to boost the collective value created around the identity of fashion and culture. We need to rethink how fashion is working today, and understand the great power that it holds. If we, as a collective, could start relating the garments we purchase to the people who make them, to those who are inspired by them, to the generations that come after us, to our environment and other living beings – we see what growth is. Fashion has the potential to create prosperity and make the pie big enough for everyone involved to have a bite. Growth is the ignition that creates this prosperity; it is going from 0 to 1. Whereas creating prosperity means giving everyone the opportunity to reach 1. 

With Maakola, we want to bring this kind of growth and prosperity that entails interconnectedness and allows every part involved to thrive, in the world of fashion.

“I dream of a day where we see a fashion that doesn’t harm, but rather empowers.”

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