The Speed Bird

This popular print is dotted with colorful ovals, each one containing a determined-looking bird in flight. Variegated lines that run across the background add to the feeling of movement and freedom.


The Speed Bird

Like many African Wax Prints, Speed Bird is known by a number of different names. In Togo, it was used to make airline uniforms, and now goes by the name Air Afrique. In Ghana, it’s also known as Rich Today, Poor Tomorrow — a reminder that your money can fly away at any time. In the Ebo region, meanwhile, this print is called Eneke, after the proverbial bird who adapts to changing circumstances: Since hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, he has had to learn to fly without perching.

the maakola meaning
A key symbol in many different cultures, the bird denotes prosperity and change — something that really resonated with us. So at Maakola we see this fabric invoking financial freedom as well as talent, and highlighting how they go hand in hand. We recognise that when talent is harnessed, it can be an avenue to creating wealth, and we aim to enable true financial freedom for everyone on the Maakola value chain.

How we work with the Speed Bird

This versatile Wax Hollandais fabric is woven from premium cotton for a soft feel against the skin, and while we love it for summer, it feels comfortable to wear all year round. It’s easy to look after, but to keep the colors fresh we recommend treating it with care. Machine wash gently in lukewarm water and iron at a maximum temperature of 150°C.
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