Conscious Beauty


We are driven by the unique features and production process of the textile called kente. It is woven on ancient handlooms, operated with hands and feet. Kente is produced in strips of cloth, eight feet long by four inches wide, further sewn together to create the required sizes. Kente fabrics are sourced from local communities of weavers.

Our role is to empower our creative artisans and honor them economically and culturally. A collaborative business model that showcases, preserves, and supports traditional art forms can achieve this mission. The past offers inspiration for beneficial solutions to current issues of social and environmental concern. With kente, a woven cotton product, we work closely with rural handloom weavers. They use techniques handed down over generations. Their stunning textiles are an amazing art form that reflects age old traditions. In addition, employing local weavers creates jobs in the rural areas and supports local families. 

Of note, cloth from handloom production is created without electricity.

Our first major supplier is Vlisco. Based in the Netherlands, they produce Africa-inspired textiles using traditional methods. Fabrics we source from Vlisco range from strong and gentle Wax Hollandais to soft and shiny Cotton Satin, satisfying a wide range of customer preferences. The origin of the fabrics can be verified using Vlisco’s authentic 5-step process.

We source the most sustainable and advanced sustainable fabrics from FabricSight. We choose they provide certifications for all their products and they offer many fabrics made of natural fibers, ecological fibers, and certified organic blends.

FabricSight also has  a “Waste Reduction Program” offers stocks of extraordinary remaining fabrics. This way, it encourages using fabrics that already generated their footprints and leads to the full use of productive efforts within the textile chain.

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