Luxury is

Conscious Beauty

Our garments do not just look and feel good but also shine from the inside, resembling the practices, materials, stories, and meanings behind them. And you, our customers, play a central role in making that happen. We use digital tools and blockchain technology to help you connect to and understand all the aspects of the production and use of the garment. Your preferences, choices, and feedback are what makes Maakola’s story, our common story. 

Our business practices are inherently built on a foundation of respect for natural resources and craftsmanship, resulting in conscious and beautiful products that are charged with meaning, heritage, and stories. Weaved in the essence of our garments and striving to create a different future for the fashion industry, Maakola stands for sustainable luxury.

Replenishing The Planet

Replenishing the Planet

  • Made to order
  • Creating a circular ecosystem
  • Sustainable Packing and Delivery
  • Clothes made to last
  • Beyond the ownership culture
  • Reconnecting with the world
Making fashion Human

Making fashion human

Growing Prosperity

Preserving Culture, Growing Prosperity

Made to order

We bring together passionate talent, circular design, and genuine conversation, to create items that prevent waste and promote and conscious beauty.


Why conscious beauty

We believe in a thriving society and a livable planet. We believe in Conscious Beauty.

Our clothes can only be truly beautiful

… if everyone along the value chain thrives
… if they are designed to empower both those who make and those who wear them
… if they honor the culture and heritage that gave rise to them
… if they are produced in a way that protects and restores nature rather they destroy it
… if they are made by people who are treated with dignity and earn a fair wage
… and if they are treasured by the people who ultimately buy them.

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