With stylized leaves that rise up towards the sun, Heartrise symbolizes our hope for the future of our Earth.

Like most of the fabrics we use in our collections at Maakola, Heartrise is an African Wax Print by Dutch fabric house Vlisco. What makes this print unusual is its central motif: leaves are quite rare in African Print fabrics. So when we came across this beautiful print, we knew we had to do something special with it.

Heartrise features slender leaves rising sinuously up the fabric in repeated blocks of four. The leaves feature a combination of two colors that create a chiaroscuro effect to give them more depth, with gaps of light to show where they come from. The plain background, meanwhile, features lines that fan outwards in sunrays, lending the print a feeling of liveliness as well as forming flowers that connect the different branches together. The fabric comes in four colourways – light green and rose quartz, light pink and blue, orange with silver embellishment and teal and rose quartz – that quietly celebrate the beauty of nature.

the maakola meaning
When we found this light-filled leaf print, we knew it would be perfect for our latest collection: Heartrise. Inspired by Earthrise – the first photograph of our planet from space, spinning in the cosmos and breathtaking in its beauty – the collection is a celebration of our world and a reminder to care for its future. When you see something as a whole, as the astronauts did when they witnessed the Earth rising above the moon fifty years ago, you can see how everything is connected – and you can begin to care for it. The fabric reminds us of this with its threads of leaves that have no beginning and no end; linked by fans of sunrays, they form a limitless web of connections. And as they rise ever-upwards towards the sun, these leaves remind us, too, to rise, and to fight for our planet.

How we work with the Circle of Life Fabric

You can find our Heartrise fabric in elegant, wear-anywhere pieces that reflect our ethos and our care for our planet and its people. The blazer, pencil pants and palazzo pants in the collection come in 100 percent premium quality cotton (130 gr/m²) that’s as easy to care for as it is to wear.

Heartrise is a Wax Hollandais print – a process that takes an average of 25 steps to complete. We love the tiny bubbles and individual crackling effect that emerge throughout the process, adding another layer of uniqueness to the fabric and bringing the print, and its message, even further to life.

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