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The goddess Gaia didn’t just create life on Earth; according to Greek mythology, she gave rise to the heavens, too.

Kofi Annan: An Astonishing Mind Inspires a Beautiful Fabric

Kofi Annan: An Astonishing Mind Inspires a Beautiful Fabric Kofi Annan might not be the first name that springs to mind when it comes to

A Celebration of Love The most important personal relationships are fuelled by love – love between partners of any gender, love between a parent and

Laila Abubakari

“It was not until I started reading and learning more that I felt it was wrong for so many environments to be male-dominated, even with

Kofi Annan’s Brain

A vivid print celebrating a dazzling mind.
It might sound like a recipe for blood and gore, but the Kofi Annan’s Brains fabric is actually a beautiful tribute to one of Ghana’s most brilliant statesmen.

Named after the legendary Nobel Prize Winner Kofi Annan, a man who dedicated his life striving for change and positive action, our Kofi Annan collection will fill you with inspiration and make you feel confident, fearless, and fabulous.

The Rising Sun

Here at Maakola, we have chosen to see the latter. For us, it represents a fresh start; a new beginning. The rising suns symbolize an opportunity to right wrongs and be so much better.

Adjoa Yeboah

From Waiting to Have it Done, to Getting it Done Yourself. Taking your destiny into your own hands can be a make or break decision.

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