Kofi Annan

Named after the legendary Nobel Prize Winner Kofi Annan, a man who dedicated his life striving for change and positive action, our Kofi Annan collection will fill you with inspiration and make you feel confident, fearless, and fabulous.
The dazzling print of the authentic pure cotton wax fabric represents not only Annan’s astonishing mind, but it connects us to nature, our planet, and the people around us. With a remarkable print that could be interpreted as brains, trees, or even coral reefs, this is a design that sparks conversation and celebration. Available in 5 color options, each with its own unique beauty, the silky cotton fabric cuts an elegant and fashionable silhouette and is a joy to wear.

Maakola ambassador Laila Abubakari chose to wear her Kofi Annan jacket and pants to important events and meetings that had the power to change the world. Wearing ethically produced pieces inspired by one of the world’s greatest minds fills her with illumination and determination to make her mark too.


Wear your pieces, style them your way, and start making your own amazing changes in the world.


The Tree of Life

Theodosia Wrap Dress

This multitasking dress is named after Theodosia Okoh, who not only championed hockey in Ghana, but also designed the country’s national flag. In pure cotton with a limited edition wax block print, we hope that this sleeveless dress will inspire you on your own multidisciplinary journey.

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