How we are celebrating kinship and connection with our designs

A Celebration of Love

The most important personal relationships are fuelled by love – love between partners of any gender, love between a parent and a child, love between brothers and sisters, love between friends. A common theme in our creations is exploring the connection between people and nature, and building communities through threads of freedom. We developed this set of matching outfits at the request of a customer to show the linkage between a parent and child. 

Matching outfits are a fun way to celebrate that love between two people, no matter what their relationship is, where they are from, what their religion, social status or gender is. Our designs highlight the unity and bond between one another, while at the same time show the beauty and strength in differences and uniqueness.

Coming Soon

In classic Maakola style, we produce our pieces on demand and want to design outfits that will make people feel connected and proud of what they are wearing. If you are interested in customized and/or matching outfits, share your ideas with us or pre-order one. Drop us a note so we can co-create the next capsule collection.

Tree of Life

For the set of designs in these photos, we have selected the Tree of Life fabric. To us, this pattern enforces the harmony we see in meaningful relationships. This print reminds us that our lives depend upon the environment and each other — something that we as humans often forget. We are always connected to other creatures and plants, and we can see this in the pattern.

The branches grow and blossom every time there’s a new sun behind them. Between one sun and the next, we can see a hibernation phase that always ends with a new sun and the beginning of a new life. The Tree of Life also symbolizes the immortality of Mother Nature because even as a plant grows old, it continues to create seeds that carry its essence so that it can live on through new saplings. This symbolic meaning of the pattern is a reflection of the idea behind these designs.


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