Laila Abubakari

“It was not until I started reading and learning more that I felt it was wrong for so many environments to be male-dominated, even with the availability of qualified females. Now I make a conscious effort to support more females and try harder to be obviously better than male colleagues.” – Laila

Working as the Special Assistant to the Minister of Education, Ghana, Laila Abubakari is a young woman who the whole world should know about. Laila began her career at the Ministry of Education straight from graduating college and has gone from strength to strength to bring positive changes to the education system ever since.

We sat down with Laila to get to know a bit more about her.

“I have the opportunity to schedule meetings (that lead to important decision making), suggest and review major decisions in the sector that ultimately feed into the fabric of the running of Ghana.”


Being the Female Voice in a Man’s World

Working in the Ministry of Education in Ghana, Laila is in an environment dominated with men. Working like this has given her the drive to educate herself further in the area of male dominated industries, and has given her the determination to question why there are so many qualified women who might not be given the same opportunities as their male peers. These realisations have given Laila even more resolve to support fellow female colleagues and professionals, and to outshine as much as possible.

Working to Make a Difference

Laila spends her days working with the Minister of Education, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, and supporting him in adapting the entire education system to befit the 21st century. Laila tells us how it is a privilege to work with him and to create these positive changes to the education system in Ghana. She feels proud that her name will appear in the future when the major successes of the current government are written about and discussed.

Striving for a Sustainable Life

As a Maakola ambassador, we strive to empower women who share our passion for sustainable fashion and ethical beauty, and go the extra mile to try and live sustainably. Laila told us that this is an area that she is continuously working on, and has already made small and positive changes to make sustainable fashion choices. From washing her clothes less frequently to shopping for fewer, fast fashion pieces and investing in formal wear that can be worn more often, these are simple changes that can make a big difference.

Style and Influence

Maakola is an ethical fashion brand, so of course we have a vested interest in Laila’s effortless style.

Laila has always been a fan of travelling, and she has found that this exposure to other cultures has influenced her style. Different cuts of clothing from different countries have the ability to showcase her style and shape. Laila enjoys buying fabric and textiles from other African countries. In particular she loves the creativity and mix of colour and prints in the fabrics from Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast and South Africa.

Standing for Ethical Fashion

Laila is a big fan of Maakola and looks stunning in the Gaia Night trousers and jacket, as seen above. Her suit is made from our new Kofi Annan print. Made from Wax Hollandais fabric, and designed in striking colours, this print is our dedication to the great mind of Kofi Annan.

The striking cut of the pencil pants make them a wonderful choice to wear for work or play – anywhere you want to make an impression really. When teamed with the matching cropped jacket, you have an outfit that is powerful, feminine and demands attention. Just like Laila.

As all our pieces are custom made clothing, Laila is always guaranteed to look and feel stunning and special when wearing Maakola. She is planning on wearing her Maakola pieces to work and work related events, and we will be so proud to be represented by this incredible young woman.

Becoming a Maakola Ambassador

To become a Maakola ambassador, you have to inspire others with a unique vision of positive change. Being trailblazers in their own industries, these women are committed to protecting the environment, making changes in social inclusion, and pushing for ways to invest in a more peaceful and hopeful future. This is why Laila is an obvious choice for a Maakola ambassador.

We are looking to extend our network of female ambassadors. If you’d like to become one of our ambassadors, or if there’s someone you’d like to nominate, you can get in touch with us by clicking here. We love telling stories, so let’s work together and we can share yours.


“I would say my personal style is mostly smart casual. Although I love to look professional, I want to be able to “breathe” in my clothes. I normally take inspiration for my look from various people, who mostly are not notable style icons. Many times on Instagram, specifically these accounts: @simplycyn, @ijeomakola, @aqousuah20”


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