Intricate and colorful, with a soft sheen that reflects the light, Java fabrics remind us of the connection between the Dutch fabric house Vlisco and its Indonesian-influenced beginnings.

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Kente Cloth

Originally worn by African royalty, kente cloth is a luxurious fabric that comes with a rich heritage.

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Cotton Satin

In a new satin weave, the fabric is soft to the touch and has a natural shine, making it a luxe base for Vlisco’s Wax Hollandais prints.

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Super Wax

A two-colour bubble effect, achieved by the wax layer being broken on the fabric before being immersed into a dye bath, that gives this printed fabric its unique signature.

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Cotton Plopin

With these unique, double sided prints on a lightweight cotton base, the Dutch fabric house has created the perfect summer fabric— and all year round.

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Wax Prints

Saturated in vivid color on both sides, these lively fabrics are a world away from today’s mass market digital prints

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