Super Wax

Super-Wax is, like all of Vlisco’s famous Wax Hollandais fabrics, made using a technique based on Indonesian Batik dyeing. The process is similar to that of Wax Hollandais, but what makes Super-Wax stand out is the “crackle” that gives this printed textile its unique signature: A two-colour bubble effect, achieved by the wax layer being broken on the fabric before being immersed into a dye bath, that gives this printed fabric its unique signature. As a result of truly mastered craftsmanship, a Super-Wax fabric takes an average of 27 steps to complete, and features Vlisco’s vivid, colourful prints on both sides of the cloth.

One of the most famous of Vlisco’s signature fabrics and made since the 1970’s

Super-Wax is so special that it even has its own dedicated cloth, a densely woven 100% pure cotton in 120 gr/m² grammage called “1600”. Smooth and crisp, with a hint of a sheen, this distinctive cotton holds deep colours and rich designs exceptionally well. It’s a dream to work with — and to wear — because of its strength. At the same time, it drapes nicely and feels soft to your skin. We’ve found that you can wash Super-Wax clothing more than 49 times without losing any intensity in the colour. In a medium weight and emblazoned with dramatic patterns to reflect your personality, this beautiful fabric is ideal for formal and evening wear. It will make you feel like you’re wearing a work of art. Super Wax

How to care for Wax Hollandais

This strong, pure cotton fabric is easy to care for – but be sure to treat it gently. Machine wash inside out at a low temperature, making sure to separate light and dark colours and hang to dry in the shade. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Iron inside out at a maximum temperature of 150°C. Super Wax
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