Cotton Plopin

A lightweight, airy fabric that keeps you cool while keeping its crisp good looks? With these unique, double sided prints on a lightweight cotton base, the Dutch fabric house has created the perfect summer fabric— and all year round.

Poplin is distinguished by its texture: Fine yarns and a dense weave give the fabric a soft, crisp feel.

These days, we associate poplin with cotton, but this was not always the case. The term poplin first appeared in 15th century Avignon, France — it it was called “papelino” because it was the Pope’s residence at the time — and it was originally made with a combination of silk and wool. Today, cotton poplin continues to be prized for its combination of elegance and durability. Perfect for shirts and dresses, it also works well for upholstery and even army uniforms. Poplin’s staying power, coupled with its ability to keep soldiers cool, saw it made into British and American military uniforms during World War II.
Cotton Plopin
Cotton Plopin

Cotton Poplin is a new way the fabric house Vlisco plays with the possibilities of wax techniques. The fabric is printed with two different patterns: one on the topside and one on the reverse. These complementary prints are designed to work together, as the color from one side shows through subtly on the other to create a halftone, or ton-sur-ton, effect.

When these techniques are applied to cotton poplin, something special happens. Cotton poplin is known for its soft lightness, combined with strength and crispness. Each of the fibres is 100 percent premium quality cotton with a weight of 100-120 gr/m². Lightweight, strong and breathable, Cotton Poplin is perfect for men’s and women’s shirts, as well as summer dresses and skirts.

How to care for Wax Poplin

This strong, pure cotton fabric is easy to care for — but be sure to treat it gently in order to make it last. Hand wash in lukewarm water without twisting it, making sure to separate light and dark colours and hang to dry in the shade. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Iron inside out at a maximum temperature of 110°C.
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