This geometric print from Dutch fabric house Vlisco showcases its unexpected color combinations to magical effect. Triangles and diamonds in various shades of gray run the length of the fabric, with diagonal lines criss-crossing the background to add a sense of energy and movement. Contrasting red triangles add warmth and life to this beautifully balanced design.


Good Bed

The background of this fabric features a small grid pattern, reminiscent of a mat. This is an example of an Adinkra symbol — traditional symbols that have been used in cloth in West Africa for centuries. The mat pattern signifies the marriage bed, and it is said that if a woman sleeps in a good bed (ketepa), then she will have a good marriage.

the maakola meaning

Nemesis, a marriage of opposites

When we looked at this pattern, we were struck by the contrasts it held within it: the heat of the red cutting through a palette of gray. This reminds us of how women hold everything in balance — in life and in work. We named the fabric after the Greek goddess Nemesis, the goddess who meted out punishment for crimes while making sure the punishment was always in proportion. Like Nemesis, we strive to maintain a balance, always trying to see things from an opposing point of view. But the vibrant reds in this print also remind us to take bold steps when we need to.

How we work with the Nemesis Armour fabric

To us, the Nemesis Armour fabric encapsulates leadership: analytical ability coupled with the strength to make brave decisions. So it was a natural choice for our modern take on business wear. With narrow pants and a matching long sleeve top, the Nemesis Armor Co-ord is sleek and form-fitting, covering the body just like armour. When you need to present a kickass attitude to the world, you can count on this geometric-print set to convey courage and confidence.
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