The Water Well

Joyful circles jostle for space in this energetic Wax Print by Vlisco. Lozenge shapes radiate out in concentric circles from the center of each large circle, while dotted lines zigzag playfully in the background.


The Water Well

First seen in the 1960s, this vivid print goes by many names. In Nigeria, it’s known as Record, or Plaque-Plaque, because the shapes are reminiscent of vinyl records. They also look like circular hats: In Togo, the pattern is known as Gbédjégan, or Gbedze, to suggest the large straw hats worn by royalty.


The ripple effect

Of all the names given to this fabric, we love Water Well, which comes from Ghana. The name references the ripple effect that you see when you throw a stone into a body of water — a reminder that every action you take will have an effect on the people around you. It’s a message that we take to heart at Maakola, where we believe that the clothes you wear have a social, economic and environmental impact.

How we work with the Water Well print

Polka dots are a summer classic, and the Water Well print is a vibrant twist on the look. A genuine Wax Print on a pure cotton base, this airy fabric lends itself to any summer outfit — from dressy to casual, depending on the color palette. You can find it in our versatile Ama Ata Aidoo Wrap Top and Skirt, a playful wrap top that you can wear on or off the shoulder.

This versatile Wax Hollandais fabric is woven from premium cotton for a soft feel against the skin, and while we love it for summer, it feels comfortable to wear all year round. It’s easy to look after, but to keep the colors fresh we recommend treating it with care. Machine wash gently in lukewarm water and iron at a maximum temperature of 150°C.

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