Joanne Ke Edelman

Joanne embodies the playful intersection of the cultures that have shaped her, and this is reflected in her colourful style.

As a woman on the go, she prefers to travel light and chooses fabric that are comfortable and low-maintenance.

Joanne is a true citizen of the world. Born in China, raised in the UK and Ghana and now working in the US and across Africa, her experience of life across 4 different continents has shaped who she is today. She evidently embraces life and its many adventures by being an avid traveller, self-acclaimed foodie and passionate social entrepreneur.

Maakola was honoured to select Joanne as one of our ambassadors for her strong sense of purpose and leadership that has resulted in her passion and responsibility to build a better future for the world.

Joanne Ke Edelman
Joanne Ke Edelman

“My style is my passport, it reflects the places I have been to, the beauty I see and my love for adventures”

“What defines me as a woman is purpose, turning words into action, the constant desire to understand others in terms of their perspectives and what makes us the way we are.”

The Oxford-educated economist manages the design, build, and launch of social impact initiatives at the Global Development Incubator. She is a firm believer in the power of executing on great ideas to turn them into institutions that can have a positive impact on the world. We met Joanne in Ghana, during her work in creating the next generattion of government leaders in Africa as part of the Emerging Public Leaders initiative.

If you wish to follow Joanne’s journey and work, you can find her on Linkedin.

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