Theodosia Okoh

An Artist And Athlete Who Designed Ghana’s National Flag

Writer, painter, sportswoman and teacher, Theodosia Okoh (1922-2015) was a hugely influential figure in Ghana. The artist behind its distinctive flag, she played a major part in both the cultural and sporting life of the newly-independent nation.

This inspirational painter also played a major part in Ghanaian sport

In vivid shades of red, yellow and green, with a black star at its center, the Ghanaian national flag is a strong symbol of its identity. So it’s no wonder that the shero who created it led a similarly rich and colorful life.
A formidable figure in the world of hockey, Okoh was the first female chairman of the Ghana Hockey Association and later became President of the Ghana Hockey Federation. Ghana qualified for both the Hockey World Cup and the Olympic Games for the first time on her watch. Among the many honours she received in her lifetime, the national hockey stadium in Accra was named after her in 2004.


Theodosia Wrap Dress

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