Sarah Hesse

Sarah Hesse is the owner of Glorious Fashion in Accra, specializing in womenswear.

Growing up in Kumasi, she wanted to learn to sew from the age of 12; now, after a long journey, she has established her business and trains apprentices of her own.

When Sarah was 16, her uncle arranged for her to move away from Kumasi to work for a lawyer and her husband, looking after their children and cooking for the family. The lawyer wanted her to learn a trade, and gave her a choice of either hairdressing or sewing. Sarah chose sewing and, despite struggling with the language barrier, learned many valuable lessons in her first job.

After a few years, Sarah’s journey took her back to her mother in the Central Region and then on to Accra, where she was apprenticed to a tailor. She was living with an uncle and his wife, but found that she was happier at work than at home. On graduating, she decided to stay on, even though her boss did not have the money to pay her. Eventually her patience paid off, and when her boss moved away in 2014, she sold the business to Sarah.

It was my biggest testimony,” remembers Sarah. “I went and told my boyfriend. He is a man of prayer, so he said, “I told you that God will do it.” So I was very, very happy.

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