Musah Moro

The owner of Moro Fashion in Ako-Adjei, Accra, Musah Moro has been sewing for 20 years.

He trained as a tailor in his home town of Kumasi, but moved to the Ivory Coast after finishing his training and worked there for the next ten years. It was a great opportunity to pick up new techniques and work with different patterns — now back in Ghana, Musah can tell immediately if a garment was made in the Ivory Coast.

On returning to Ghana, Musah made his way to Accra, where he spent another two years working for another tailor, sewing kaftans, shirts and trousers, before he was able to open his own shop. Today, there are three tailors in his shop (including his twin brother, who started learning to sew when he was eight years old), and he has sewn garments for a wide clientele including several artists, as well as Ibrahim Mahama, the brother of the former president of Ghana.

Musah’s vision for the next five years? He wants to open a bigger shop, employ more workers, and make his name outside of Ghana.

And he has good news for anyone who would like to pick up a new skill, however late in life. He knows many women with office jobs who have dreams of working in fashion, and he’s happy to help them learn to sew. “It’s not too late,” he says.
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