Threads of Freedom TEDx

Growth. Prosperity. Community.


Clothing, like fibers, has the strength to build threads that we wear, yet it also has the power to build thriving communities. In my TEDx talk ‘Threads of Freedom’, I shared some of the unpredictable journeys of my garments. Journeys that take us from Colonial rule, to a powerful symbol of African identity – from the women who created The Wax Print industry in West Africa, to a performance honoring the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

For in truth, a piece of clothing has the potential to link the consumer to the past, as well as the future. The world that we live in today, gives us the opportunity to make full use of historical data that marks the value of all the unseen victories that came before us, and allows us the choice to champion those lineages of freedom, by giving them a living voice. 

It is the intimate relationship that is formed between an object and customer that ultimately influences the individual thinking of people at large. While on a global scale, the opportunity emerges to shape the social and economic landscape, creating an opening for change. Yet, how do we best utilize these objects that enter our closets, and cover our bodies to connect us with the global consciousness as a whole?

It is the threads that interlink all the parts what results in growth. We are building solid foundations in businesses that are creating prosperity, and this is because each part’s growth – means growth for not only ourselves, but at the same time, someone else. Every person, business and our planet, can only benefit from this revolutionary conscious process. 

This is what we aim to achieve with Maakola. 

“Our lives are crossed by many threads of freedoms that we might not be aware of because it’s easier to look at what’s close to us – that’s when our actions and inactions make a difference.
The interconnected world that we live in gives us the opportunity to use data to value the unseen victories that came before us, and choose to champion those lineages of freedom.” – Aurora Chisté


Threads of freedom in English.

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