How renting clothes can build communities

One of the intrinsic values of democratization is realized when we measure how much we can extend the longevity of clothes, and stimulate the push for demand towards high-quality and sustainable products. One way to do that is by implementing the rental model. 

It is a powerful democratization tool because it offers the consumer affordable clothes in a sustainable process, rather than opting for fast fashion and filling landfills. At the same time, it gives them more opportunities to express themselves. In this manner, we will make fashion a matter of conscious choices instead of limiting the consumer base to those who can afford high-ticket items. Renting clothes can upend our understanding of civic engagement and belonging to a community. 

Sustainbale Ownership

Besides being suitable for a circular economy, the rental model allows for the creation of communities. We have witnessed the development of communities through the use of our blockchain technology. We expect the rental model to have the same effect by making way for communication between those who want a more sustainable solution to fast fashion and therefore invest in rental instead of purchase.


The first one consists of 80% Calcium Carbonate and 20% non-toxic recycled HDPE resin, both durable and safe. The second choice is envelopes from 100% recycled paper and designed specifically for apparel shipping, working great for smaller items. Those can be recycled with paper or effectively composted, either at home or industrially. We are currently exploring reusable packaging solutions.


For any packaging elements, we can’t do without, we’ve devised the best available solutions. Our woven labels are made from either 100% recycled and OEKO-TEX certified polyester yarn or GOTS certified organic cotton. Our stickers are made out of PP (polypropylene), which is 100% recyclable. And our custom packaging tape is made from paper with a water-based adhesive.


When it comes to delivery, we go for options such as electric trucks, in-person pick-up, or other climate-neutral delivery. And while we want your item delivered fast, we will always prefer a planned delivery option at full capacity, which has a lower transport footprint than one-package-per-stop.

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