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Blockchain as a tool for democratization

“By bringing everyone together we equalize the playfield, and, when consumers purchase something, they enter into a contract with other humans and the planet: a contract toward sustainability.” – Aurora Chiste

Democratization: Taking care of people and the planet

By being as inclusive as possible, we pave the way to democratization of the fashion industry through blockchain technology and the circular business processes. Creating communities of conscious consumers will inspire world citizens to take care of our planet going forward. They will be inspired to do better.

The power of transparency

At Maakola, we recognize that it is hard for the consumer to grasp that their choices could make a difference and to picture what will happen if we do things differently. We are embarking on a journey to facilitate this process. The first step we are taking is to make people, processes, and materials visible. In this way, we as a brand and the consumers themselves can make more informed decisions and slowly build the linkages and connections that make us part of a bigger system that works only if there is a global balance. 


Blockchain allows us to create products that are traceable and transparent on the level of materials and people. At Maakola, we pay close attention to the materials we use: where they come from, how they are processed, how they can last longer, and how they can be recycled at the end of their life. Blockchain helps us streamline production and make development plans. By making the supply chain more reliable and transparent, we contribute to the creation of a truly global circular economy and democratization.
When a consumer purchases a product, blockchain becomes the enabler of a contract between humans and their shared values. We see in it the opportunity to be inclusive across our supply chain, become a social equalizer, and facilitate the development of workers in the most fragile economies.

How it works

Every piece of Maakola clothing contains a QR code in the label. When scanned, the customer can see details of everything, from the fabric certifications to the packaging, to the individual tailor who made it before it became theirs. By facilitating transparency in the supply chain, a mutual understanding of the importance of each step of production through the connection between artisan and consumer grows. These transactions are enabled by Genuineway.


We are further exploring the possibilities of blockchain by adding bitcoins as a payment method to our online store. For those of us in developed countries, we perhaps take unfettered access to a financial system for granted. However, cryptocurrency is the first open system that anyone in the world can participate in, in any form and at any depth, without prerequisite or qualifications other than having a device that you can access the internet with.

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