Gaia Night

The goddess Gaia didn’t just create life on Earth; according to Greek mythology, she gave rise to the heavens, too.

To create our Gaia Night collection, we selected a Wax Hollandais design enriched with a deep blue, purple, and green overprint. This provides a rich and vibrant contrast toŒ the metallic embellishments on top, which gleam in patterns of gold, silver, or pearl. Inspired by these intensely dyed layers and glittering highlights, we couldn’t resist creating statement pieces inspired by the 70s for dancing the night away.

Our Gaia Night story pays tribute to the mother of the starry sky with evening-ready dresses in a beautiful nighttime print. Constellations of stars and sunburst motifs are repeated all over a midnight-dark base in these luxurious, directional pieces. They’ll turn heads at any party.

Do you see smiling lips, or rising suns?

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