Our Ethos

Our artisans

It goes without saying that everything stems from the people we work with, and the skills and expertise they bring to every garment. Ghana is famous for its streets full of tailors, who create clothing that makes women all around the world feel good about what they wear. They’re joined by a few of our tailors from Italy, who bring their own heritage and flair to the global Maakola family.

Maakola is committed to sweeping away the old narratives and stereotypes that used to define Africa. Instead, we see in Ghana a modern, creative, international hub, and a new and growing story that needs to be told: one of African beauty, freedom, talent and empowerment. Informed by a deep understanding of the region’s potential — and the challenges that come with exponential growth — Maakola was founded to share the vitality and innovation of the Ghana that inspires us.

We’re not afraid to aim high. By connecting artisans to a borderless market, we hope to foster meaningful job creation, contributing to sustainable economic growth. In the long term, we aim to transition into an employee-owned company, ensuring that our artisans from Ghana and elsewhere all have stakes in Maakola’s future and a voice in our fight for social and economic justice.