Our Ethos

Made by hand

Perfectly imperfect.

Maakola clothing is a gift of luxury — the luxury of wearing something made by hand. Our gift to you is transparency: You know who made your pieces, and, thanks to our commitment to transparency on pricing, you know that they have been paid a fair wage.

Our tailors in Ghana and Italy bring their craftsmanship and expertise to every garment. Not only do they bring our designs to life, but they also co-create them, adding the refinements and improvements that will make all the difference when they come to turn ideas and sketches into a finished piece.

The unique nature of Maakola’s printed fabrics is just one example of this: when stitching different pieces of fabric together, it takes a high degree of skill and patience to ensure that the patterns match perfectly. We know we can rely on our artisans to line everything up  just right.

It’s a meticulous process. By the time your new garment is complete, our tailors will have thought about all the tiny details that make it stand out — just like the woman who wears it.