Our Ethos

Ethical production


Every piece of Maakola clothing is handmade by one of our tailors in Ghana and Italy. We recognize their talent and hard work of everyone who makes our Maakola creations so special. That’s why we, and our partners, have a robust code of conduct, and pay our tailors a fair wage — one that gives them the opportunity to invest in themselves and the people they love.

Committed to ethical production, we want you to feel good about the clothes you wear, and we’re transparent about what it takes to achieve this. We know that there’s faster, cheaper fashion out there. But when you buy a piece from Maakola, you can be sure that we’re honoring everyone who contributed to its creation.

Our tailors are champions when it comes to delivering something unique, or going the extra mile to make sure that every piece is delivered on time. We’re all in this together — and there’s no middleman to spoil the party.

Our pieces see no borders. Designed and made in Ghana and Italy, Maakola clothing is worn by women all around the world.

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Maakola's Ethos